1. Amy & Nathan

  2. Jane & Anthony

  3. Dee & Claire

  4. today’s e-session

  5. life has been crazy lately and i apologize for the long delay on editing my past weddings, I’m almost done. Love this shot of Amy =)

  6. I had the privilege to use the world’s first smallest full frame compact interchangeable lens camera the Sony A7R with the Zeiss 55mm 1.8, the rumours are true this camera is a game changer. this was shot at C4 last saturday with a preproduction A7R body.

  7. sneak peek of PROJECT ONE; 20 photos done in one hour shot with the Sony RX1  

  8. Dee & Claire

  9. Adrienne

  10. Kelsey

  11. Cory and Aljay

  12. yesterday i did a short talk on posing & using natural light to my fellow Pinoy Photographers & here’s a shot from that mini workshop. #Leicalove #Leica #50mmSummicron

  13. Amy & Man

  15. Amy & Man